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Learn more about the sheltie breed

Add fun and happiness to your home by welcoming a sheltie from Bluskye Shelties. Shelties come in various colors and sizes and are wholesome, hearty dogs who are great for families. Shelties are a herding class dogs who love to run and play in wide open spaces, which makes them ideal for active families.


To see when we have a litter, please email Cathy at bluskyeshelties@gmail.com. Would you like to know more about shelties? Please read the helpful information regarding the sheltie breed below.

Shelties are a vocal breed and have natural instincts that require proper training. However, they are very easy to train due to their high intelligence level.

Vocal, intelligent puppies

Shelties make enjoyable companions because of their excellent health levels and willingness to please.

Choose your healthy sheltie puppy

Work with the Colorado breeder who has over 15 years of sheltie experience. Call today to schedule an appointment.


Come to the family operated business that's dedicated to sound puppies.

Compared to other breeds, shelties do require a little more coat maintenance in the form of regular baths and brushings.

Bathe and brush your sheltie

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